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Here are some pages from the main lesson book of Sedona in California:



And these pictures are by Noah, also in California (the picture on the right is Solomon’s Temple):



Barbara Benson writes:

I thought you’d enjoy seeing how we continued our Dwellings unit. The weather wasn’t cooperating for work outdoors on the Practical Building project these  past three weeks (lots of rain) so we did a houses around the world tour. She did a lovely painting of a grass stilt house with me and a drawing of a tree house . Then she did the group of models above. For the adobe house we made our own clay bricks which you can see exposed in the front. The log cabin was a Lincoln Logs set and the brick house was from a brick modeling set that I used and took apart for all the kids. There are about 5 different designs in it or you can make up your own. The little fantasy one room houses are what we did to start the unit from the Modeling book.. There were some cute comments while we were working on the fantasy ones. Alana said, what’s a house without pets? I said, what’s a house without plants? Rhea said, what’s a house without lots of food?!



Rhea and her family also built an new feature for the garden: a “sun and moon house” to act as an arbor.



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