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Note: these materials have been created with the needs of students from 6th through 9th grade in mind. There are several pages in the Teacher’s Guide devoted to working with an older student and tweaking the tasks, expectations and assignments in the Student Workbook to be appropriate for older students.

Please note that in order to use these materials successfully, one must have Walter Kraul’s Astronomy for Young and Old (which is also the main text for Christopherus’ A Year of Astronomy due late Fall 2018) and Eric Sloan’s Weather Book. One simply cannot skip these as our text is built upon the assumption that the student and parent teacher have them. Both are available from WaldorfBooks.

You will also need a good book on navigation and mapping, again, critical parts of this study. We recommend¬† Rachel Dickinson’s Tools of Navigation (which is not a ‘Waldorf’ book) but as this book is not readily available, one can use another book. Do consult your local bookshop or public library for assistance.

Chapters in the Earth Science: Student Guide are:

  • An Introduction to Earth Science
  • Water Around Us
  • Geology
  • Weather
  • Biomes
  • The Earth is Born

Here is a link to a description of the Christopherus Science Curriculum.


(Earth Science) is exactly what my family needed for middle school.

I would like to let you know how much my 13 year old son and I are enjoying your beautifully done Earth Science curriculum. We have never used a “workbook” before, and I am finding the experience to be absolutely amazing! Not only is the “workbook” beautifully done, it allows my son to do specific assignments and readings on his own, while the teachers guide gives me the Christopherus experience that I absolutely love (a very detailed guide that also allows me the freedom to add whatever I want! It also inspires me to be the best, most creative homeschool parent I can be, within a framework that keeps me realistic about my goals)! This marriage of a tangible, ascetically beautiful “workbook” for my son who is craving independence, along with the guide, really is exactly what my family needed for middle school. Please make more!

In gratitude,

Nancy Robbins

Earth Science

Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook

by Donna Simmons

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  • Format: Book
  • Product code: CHR0040

A two-book set comprising of a Teacher’s Guide (47 pages) and Student Workbook¬† (130 pages +) suitable for grades 6–9.

You need the Teacher’s Guide to use the Student Workbook. They are sold together. However, if you need additional Student Workbooks please follow this link.

Earth science is the second unit of the Christopherus Science Curriculum and builds upon work previously undertaken in our unit on physics. These materials are created so that parents can design either a series of short main lessons or use earth science as a theme for the year. There is plenty of specific guidance to help whichever way you choose.

Creating a Student Workbook is an exciting new development for Christopherus, arising from the need to both sufficiently challenge middle grades students whilst assisting parent-teachers with the formidable task of teaching science subjects at home to students of this age. The Student Workbook is a hybrid main lesson book and text book–whilst remaining true to the creative spirit of the main lesson book approach, this book is also a text (written directly to the student) and a workbook. The student is asked to write short reports; to record weather and other observations; to do various mapping exercises; and to draw a number of diagrams and creative illustrations directly into the Student Workbook.

The text is written in a warm and engaging style, often with humor and always with the intention to gently encourage thinking and never simple regurgitation of information. Never patronizing, boring or silly, this Student Workbook is, in our opinion, far, far superior to what is usually available to students of this age. It is, furthermore, written from a distinctly Goethean/Waldorf approach: whilst we are at pains to acknowledge conventional scientific thinking which is of course vital for students to engage with, we nevertheless ‘keep the door open’ to the possibility that materialistic modern science is only part of the picture when considering the natural world.

The Teacher’s Guide¬† points toward this Goethean approach whilst also honoring the fact that people need to be authentic and teach out of what resonates with them. We give a number of resources and quotes as well as explanations which hopefully will help parents with the task of avoiding any narrow or dogmatic thinking about science. The Guide is filled with teaching advice, activities, resources and help with thinking through how to present earth science to one’s child. Earth science can be the subject of a few short main lessons or of a main lesson and theme for the year–there is ample explanation to help one think through what will work best for one’s own family.


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