You Can Open It Up and Just Go With It

I have been using Christopherus’ book “Saints and Heroes” for a few weeks now. I was watching for a post from another user, hoping to tack on my praise for it, but thought I would go ahead and start it myself.

First off this is not a large volume (thank goodness). It is organized well and very “doable”. I so appreciate the layout and how easy it is to just dig right into. Of course there are the helpful chapters on Second Grade and materials etc, and they are very concise and necessary. However I am thrilled with how this is all about the meat and potatoes. You can open it up, choose a Saint or Hero, and just go with it.

My eight year old son is simply loving it. I have never seen him take so much care and joy in creating his “good book” entry. It has been some of his best work to date. I can see the glimmer in his eye when we are sharing the stories and it has proven to me that this is the right unit at the right time for him. My six year old sits in with us and enjoys the tales, but doesn’t do an entry for them. He likes them, but not as much as he loves the fairy tales, or even the animal tales at his age.

Thank you Donna for creating this book, it has saved me time and given me confidence. I am not a practicing Christian and was honestly a bit intimidated by this unit. I know it isn’t about religion, but none-the-less, I was a bit harbored by my lack of knowledge. I am enjoying the tales just as much as my son. I have to admit though, I am most enjoying the organization and brevity. I have many of wonderful books that I enjoy, but I find myself having to meander my way through all the reiteration of what and why. I get it, I just want the lessons. This is perfect for someone like me.

Just my thoughts, and gratitude!


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