What is the Fate of the Next Generation?

Here's a sobering article from the New York Times about our new generation of tech and media junkies. Why is this so surprising to so many people? I suppose the faint silver glimmer in this very dark cloud is that a conversation will need to happen – soon! – about what education is, about what it means to be a human being. And about the fact that parents need to create and maintain strong boundaries of acceptable behavior for their children – even in the face of the unbelievable pressure from the "rest of the world". The "well everyone's got one" argument just no longer can be an excuse for caving in the face of pressure from friends, neighbors, public school educators, relatives – and, of course, children themselves. There is no longer any half way with this kind of technology. But strong boundaries create strong, mentally healthy and nurtured children and teens - who will be able to enter the adult world and appropriately use and self manage technology. I am not a luddite – but I want to see a world where technology is a servant and not a master. And no one can make that happen except for individuals. Each one of us has to think through such challenges and make clear boundaries for ourselves and for our children. This is an exercise in mindfulness, consistency, foresight and clarity – qualities that enhance human relationships and help people find the will and courage to have real relationships and not virtual ones.

Posted on November 22, 2010 in Children and Society, Older Children

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