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Here is a talk–a rather long talk of about 30 minutes–I have recorded on the subject of why computers are not good for children. If one asks ‘is there a need for computers, called for by the universal and therapeutic basis of child development as so beautifully articulated through the Waldorf curriculum’, one quickly can see that computers are never needed. Though their use by children might be required by adults–sometimes for good reasons such as allowing adults to work–they are never developmentally called for. This is not to make anyone feel bad who has to use, for instance, zoom classes with their child. Knowing the real problems inherent in such use is, I hope, empowering to parents, who can then take steps to mitigate their use–or not get caught up in political agendas which insist that computer use by children is a right. Cherishing childhood is a right, not its erosion by those who do not recognize the vital importance of this foundational stage of universal human development.

Computers do not carry the spiritual substance necessary for the healthy growth of each incarnating individual–only human relationships–in person, in real time, face to face with all of the challenges and joys–carry the life lessons needed by each child as she grows.


I am a little garbled in the first few minutes of the recording–it took me a little to get into the flow of speaking….!

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Posted on March 23, 2021 in Active and Therapeutic Education, Family Life and Parenting, Technology

  • Dominique M. says:

    Excellent explanation!

  • Jenoma says:

    THIS! We will avoid all electronic devices for as long as we can. We turn cell phones off and have a land line, no cable vision or video games and we have a very happy 11 year old who still plays with all of the toys of childhood that always entertained. He even still plays with his waldorf doll that we had custom made 5 years ago. His childhood is preserved and we will continue to support his need for this. Gender identity is just not important to him as of yet, just being a kid is. It is very hard to find others who are in full agreement but we have managed to find groups that are close. This is the norm for us and him, he is happy and its ok.

  • Everlastinghoop says:

    Yes. This is what drew me to you ultimately….reading that you were promoting computer and screen free childhood, amidst the strange times of 2020…. ……and continue to stay true. WE are screen free, our children enjoy being children. It is HARD to find any INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY let alone an organization, true to steel. I am so glad you as an organization have continued to shine the light of truth….That is hard to do. Thank you. We are out here….just small floating islands at this point though…

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