The Spiritual Reality of Truth

In this 20 minute talk I explore (briefly!!) the spiritual reality of truth; the un-truth of political movements inspired by postmodernism; and the paradox of the individual yet universality of the striving toward truth as a spiritual deed. I begin with the tale of the Blind Men and the Elephant—is the wall experienced by one man, the rope (tail) experienced by another, the tree trunk (leg) experienced by a third the truth–or simply part of the larger  truth which can only be understood by grasping the spiritual unity of the elephant? And by the way, I owe much of what I said about the elephant to research undertaken by Goethean scientist Craig Holdrege (of the Nature Institute).

There is so much more to be said—this brief sharing is just meant to stimulate your thoughts. And if you feel working more deeply on what is contained here would help you in your homeschool journey, do consider purchasing our Self-Study Course.

Posted on July 13, 2021 in Anthroposophy, Personal Growth

  • Jennifer B says:

    I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on so many subjects. Thank you for this enlightening talk the work you have gifted to society is remarkable and needed. Thank you so much for putting this out. I’m very much interested in the self study program. I have been for awhile. I think that this may be the year to finally jump into that. Thank you again Donna

  • I myself am puzzled by the increase lack of general intuitive understanding for the interwoven connections of the individual and the collective, the I AM within the WE ARE. Undoubtedly, nature connection cultivates the foundations of this understanding, so the popularity of nature connection and rewilding are a necessity. However, it also takes a philosophical approach to sense, understand, and put into practice ‘Ideal Opposites’ which create a healthy polarity of experiences – the in-breath and out-breath. A lack of philosophy (and philosophical naivete) bring a lack of principles. In our current culture this seems to be facilitating the explosive attitudes of polarization – us against them. Perhaps we need to rehabilitate the love of wisdom as well as the love of nature?

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