Homeschooling in Extraordinary Circumstances

Over the years I have often heard people worry that they cannot homeschool because of extraordinary circumstances–illness or death in the family, a natural disaster, divorce, job loss and so on. Homeschooling is about the reality of human relationships–and to me, what is extraordinary is to think that real life might not include such things as death, illness, the arrival of a baby who is handicapped and so on. The nurturing of real relationships requires time–time to grieve, to celebrate, to digest and to move on. Let us gift our children with the messy reality of human relationships–and not the packaged, sanitized version usually expected by our culture.

Listen here for a 23 minute talk on this subject:


Posted on April 29, 2019 in Family Life and Parenting

  • Lindsay Smith says:

    We are in a pandemic. My husband received a pay-cut, but thankfully still has a job. Our family is dealing with sickness and separation. Donna’s talk “Homeschooling in Extraordinary Circumstances” was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  • Kristin says:

    I just listened to this and I really loved it. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas to ponder. I like especially the statement that real life is messy yet beautiful and how we deal with it is ok as long as we’re authentic. Messy seems like such a wrong word, actually. It implies that the messy parts of life are in fact, negative and something to be “cleaned up” and put away. I wish we could all see all moments of life as wonderful and as a gift. That is such an eye opener for me. No longer should we feel that I must act this way around one person and this way around the next and yet another way at home…just be ourselves. Take each life circumstance as an opportunity to really BE ourselves and let that make an impact on those around us so they , too, can feel free to do the same. I have always felt that God is in control and the situations that happen to us may seem “unfair” or “too hard” but really they’re just right. We must see that in order to truly live. There are no mistakes. We must believe that there is a higher order to things that we just cannot yet understand, yet we must trust that the higher order of things is right and good.

  • Aurora I Robles says:

    just sent you a message and you answer me in this video, thank you for this beautiful words.

  • Jen says:

    Just starting our homeschooling journey & exploring Christopherus. This truly spoke to me & is the complete opposite of how most people think. Thank you.

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